How we use cookies on our website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain data and that are stored on your computer or device. The purpose of using cookies is generally to give access to various functions and to enable the site owner to analyze the use of the web site.

How we use cookies on our website

On this website we use cookies in order to optimize the performance of the website and to follow up on how the content is used. Some cookies are necessary for the site to work. They have already been temporarily stored on your computer and disappear when you close your browser, these are called session cookies. Other cookies are used to allow us to count and track visits, in order to be able analyze Web traffic. By understanding how the site is used, we can develop and improve it.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to accept cookies, your browser can be set to automatically deny the storage of cookies or to be notified every time a website asks to store a cookie. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. See your browser's help pages for more information. You can also delete cookies manually from your hard drive at any time.

Why do we give you this information? In July 1, 2011, the law about electronic communications was changed. This means that visitors to a website actively must consent to the use and storage of cookies. If you choose not to accept cookies, the web site may perform less good.